Refereed Submissions
You are invited to submit either an Extended Abstract or a Completed Manuscript of research papers or teaching case studies for presentation at the conference.

An extended abstract should contain: 1. Background & Problem Statement; 2. Objectives, 3. Methods / Procedures; and 4. [Expected or Preliminary] Results & Conclusions. No specific structure is required for complete papers. We, however, recommend papers not to exceed 8 pages (Tables and Figures included). Formatting guidelines for either extended abstracts or complete articles provided in the acceptance letter.

Proposals should be written in English. Submissions will be peer reviewed, acceptance being based on quality and relevance. Reviews are estimated to be sent within 1 week of submission.

Authors of accepted proposals will have up to 15 minutes (Q&A included) to present in the conference.

Proposals should be submitted via

Within two days of submission you will be contacted to acknowledge your submission. If you do not hear from IEMT after two days, contact please contact Suppanunta Romprasert []





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