Dr.Kaveepot Satawatananon
E-Mail : kaveepot@swu.ac.th
Assistant Professor Dr.Jirawat Jaroensathapornkul
E-Mail : jirawatj@g.swu.ac.th
Associate Professor Dr.Chompoonuh Permpoonwiwat
E-Mail : chompoonuh@g.swu.ac.th
Dr.Nattaya Prapaipanich
E-Mail : nattayapr@g.swu.ac.th
Dr.Danai Tanamee
E-Mail : danait@g.swu.ac.th
Research Interest : International Finance, International Economics, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, and Applied Econometrics Research Interest
Assistant Professor Dr.Nantarat Taugvitoontham
E-Mail : nantarattang@gmail.com
Research Interest: Microeconomics Public economics Environmental economics Public finance and taxation
Dr.Polpat Kotrajarras
E-Mail : polpat@g.swu.ac.th
Assistant Professor Dr.Peera Tangtammaruk
E-Mail : peerat@g.swu.ac.th
Research Interest : Applied Microeconomics and Econometrics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Poverty, Health Economics, Economic of HIV
Assistant Professor Ravipan Saleepon
E-Mail : econswur@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor Dr.Ratchapan Choiejit
E-Mail : ratchapan@swu.ac.th
Research I​ntetest​ : Human Resource Economic, Micro.Economics, Project Appraisal, Statistic for Economist
Dr.Sivalap Sukpaiboonwat
E-Mail : sivalap@swu.ac.th
Research Interest: Macroeconomics, Thai Economy, Life insurance, Non-life insurance, Population aging, Feasibility study, Input-Output table, Health Economics
Assistant Professor Dr.Suppanunta Romprasert
E-Mail : suppanunta@g.swu.ac.th
Research Interest : Project Analysis, Macroeconomic, Financial and Banking Policy, Agricultural Business Economics
Assistant Professor Dr.Suwimon Hengpatana
E-Mail : suwimonh@g.swu.ac.th
Assistant Professor Dr.Saree Worawisutsarakul
E-Mail : saree@g.swu.ac.th
Research Interest : Industrial Organization Microeconomics International Trade

Assistant Professor Dr.Adul Supanut
E-Mail : adulsu@g.swu.ac.th
Researh Interest: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization
Associate Professor Dr.Aotip Ratniyom
E-Mail : aotip.ratniyom@gmail.com
Researh Interest: Human Resource Economics, Industrial Organization
Assistant Professor DR. TAM BUI THI MINH
E-Mail : bminhtam@g.swu.ac.th
Research Interest : International Trade, International Finance Development Economics (poverty, inequality, gender empowerment, migration) Statistical and Econometric Analysis

Thipwimol Wongratanachai
E-Mail : thipwi@g.swu.ac.th
Sutida Plyngam
E-Mail : sutidap@g.swu.ac.th
Researh Interest: Development Economics